Environmental Code of Practice

At Kilbree House we care about the environment. Please help by reading this page and following the suggestions.

Recycling and Waste Segregation:

We recycle all our glass, tin, plastic, and paper. Please follow the guidelines posted on the bedroom door.

Energy Conservation:

We have replaced most of our lighting with LED's and fitted occupancy switches to reduce energy consumption. Please help by switching off all unnecessary lighting. Water and Phosphate Conservation: Help us reduce water and washing powder contamination by hanging up all towels you do not need to be replaced.


We provide bins in the bathrooms for the disposal of all non-biodegradable waste items such as Facial wipes, Cotton buds, Sanitary products, etc. Please avoid disposing of such items in the toilet.

No Smoking:

Smoking is not permitted in any indoor area. This is to provide a clean work and living environment and to comply with Irish legislation.


Bus Eireann provide a dependable service to and from the City. Check the bedroom brochure for on-line information.

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